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Get informed about the seal tragedy of Namibia

I spent some time to learn about the beautiful Cape fur seal of Southern Africa and Id like to spread the word further about the crime that is happening against these animals in our country every year, time and again...

Each year, Namibia’s Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources authorises the killing of 80,000 to 85,000 Cape fur seal pups and 6,000 Cape fur seal bulls.

Cape fur seal pups undergo daily assaults early in the morning from July to mid-November. Clubbers raid the seal reserves of Atlas Bay, Wolf Bay, and Cape Cross, separating nursing pups from their mothers.

They corral the pups into a small area on the beach reserves and then club the seal pups on the head and stab them in the heart, in front of each other and in earshot of their mothers.

The seals panic, causing mothers to abandon even those pups that the clubbers haven’t taken away from them.

This daily attack causes extreme stress for the whole colony.

Stand up and speak out against animal cruelty!

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